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Fish Stinks

Okay – I have come to a new awareness of what it means to be a traveling guest. Fish stinks! There is a couple across the hall who share the kitchenette with us. They arrived 2 nights ago and rather than joining in with all the gang here at meal time in the dining room […]

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Time is on my side!

According to the town square clock here in Burtigny it is 3:30am and I should be asleep. But I’m not! In years past I would get irritated with laying awake these 5 hours…but not anymore. I suppose that is one of the blessings of age. I learn acceptance of things that I cannot change. And […]

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And I think to myself, what a wonderful world!

As I sit at a long table in the dining room ┬áhere in the small Swiss village of Burtigny, I am enjoying a quinoa veggie salad. Across from me sat Daniel, a thin young lad from Africa. Darker than a lost moon night and gentler than a newborn lamb, he shyly talked of his homeland […]

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