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My Cup Runneth Over

Written By: Mindy - Aug• 16•13

My Cup Runneth Over

Aloha Friday… we sat next to the river along a grassy mound in an open amphitheater watching the hundreds of people laughing, enjoying each others company and sampling local drinks from over 100 vendors.  The clouds were out in all their glory as if to say, “Hey – don’t forget about us, we’re the ones putting on the real show.”


In the distance I noticed a man sitting alone in his wheelchair.  I looked at Marty and he nodded knowing what was in my heart. I took our sampling mug and the 2 tokens we had and walked up to him. I introduced myself…his name was Jeff. I asked if he would like a sampler and I offered him our mug and tokens.  He smiled and said, “that would be very nice.”  The lines were long and crowded so I asked if I could go get it for him. Again with such a gentle spirit he responded, “that would be nice.”  I asked what was his favorite and he said Pilsner. It wasn’t long before I was back with a Pilsner sampler for my new friend.

MugHe smiled and said thank you.  His thank you came from deep, deep within.  I had  green and blue beads that were given me earlier so I took them off my neck and handed them to him.  His hand was weak so I asked if I could put them on him. Again he smiled … even deeper.  I took off my beads and gently put them over his head and around his neck. I gently leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.  And whispered, ‘Happy Aloha Friday’. He smiled again, deeply – very deeply.

Aloha Friday is everyday in our world – a day to share aloha – love.  And Jeff shared his aloha with me by simply being there and allowing me to enter into his world, if but only for a moment.

I went back to Marty and smiled – and shared a deep smile with him that Jeff had just given to me as a gift.

My cup, or should I say my mug,  runneth over!

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