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Fish Stinks

Written By: Mindy - Sep• 10•12

Fish StinksOkay – I have come to a new awareness of what it means to be a traveling guest.
Fish stinks!
There is a couple across the hall who share the kitchenette with us. They arrived 2 nights ago and rather than joining in with all the gang here at meal time in the dining room they have made their own meals. Last night they made fried fish that stank so bad – I’m talking gagging bad! They are dear people but so unaware that we could barely breathe with the stinkiness.

Note to Mindy #1: Inconvenience is part traveling.
Stinky fried fish is an inconvenience – get use to it.
I went into the toilet and grabbed the can of peach room fresher off the back of the toilet and sprayed this gross smelling toxic spray everywhere. Now it smells like a dead fried stinky peach fish. Oh what I would give for a candle. Okay I get it – traveling can be inconvenient.
Stop Noise  As if that is not enough – tonight was worst. I was downstairs in a classroom when the fire alarms went off. The sound was so piercing I wanted to scream in harmony with the alarm. It went on and on. It never entered my mind that there might actually be a fire. Finally the alarm stopped – the sound of silence was golden. But less than a minute later the alarm was screaming again. People were running all around trying to figure out what was going on. Suddenly I knew the culprit. The couple across the hall. I just bet that they were frying up stinky greasy fish and set off the alarm.
I ran upstairs and sure enough when I opened the kitchenette door I was flooded with thick smoke from the stinky fish. They said there was no fire – they had everything under control. I brought them a fan but it was too late…the smell was now permeating the whole building.

Note to Mindy #2: You are not in control. You are a guest…be grateful. Okay, I get it, I am not in control.
SO…here I am sitting in bed with a super stinky fried fish smelling room. The smell has lured in flies who think we might be dead stinking fish. Inconvenient – yes. Out of control – yes. Crazy – yes.
I have had such a great laugh with Marty through it all and it has made for a good story. I am not in control but I am grateful for this “guest” room, and all the inconvienence of traveling. Wouldn’t trade it!

Traveling is a great adventure!


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