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Celebrating Motherhood

Written By: Mindy - May• 12•13

Betty RawlinsToday we honor and celebrate mothers all around the world. It is the celebration of motherhood – part of our divine nature.  Just as Eve is called the mother of all the living (before she had children) we as the daughters of Eve, whether married or single, maternal or barren, share in this divine nature being created in the image of God.  The name mother is a statement about our nature, not a head count of our children. And though I have not had the joy of personally baring my own children, I have the great privilege of mothering – loving, caring and nurturing many children.  My spiritual quiver is full. So to all you amazing women out there … today we honor and celebrate you!


We celebrate you who gave birth to your children through pain and in great love.

We celebrate you mothers who sacrifice your life so your children may have more.

We celebrate you who opened your home & heart to the poor and needy children.

We celebrate you who adopted and fostered children and loved them as your own.

We celebrate you who spend your life teaching and training children of all ages.

We celebrate you barren beautiful mothers who have loved beyond personal pain.

We celebrate you Grand Mothers who selflessly give beyond comprehension.

We celebrate you Auntie’s who treasure children and help guide them in their way.

We celebrate you God Mothers who lead the children to God in all things.

We celebrate you Step-Mothers who embrace & love all children in your marriage.


We honor you women who have lost your mother – we grieve with you.

We honor you women who have lost your children – we mourn with you.

We honor you women who know heartache with your children – we hurt with you.

With great love, admiration and gratefulness ~ we honor women everywhere ~ made in the beautiful image of God.

Mom and me many many years ago.

Mom and me many many years ago.

(My beautiful mother awaits me in heaven…a joy set before me!)

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