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And I think to myself, what a wonderful world!

Written By: Mindy - Sep• 06•12

As I sit at a long table in the dining room  here in the small Swiss village of Burtigny, I am enjoying a quinoa veggie salad. Across from me sat Daniel, a thin young lad from Africa. Darker than a lost moon night and gentler than a newborn lamb, he shyly talked of his homeland in Africa. I can’t pronounce his country but I know it is near Ghana.

On my left was a kind elderly man from France. His broken English was childlike and endearing. He introduced me to his wife from Brazil – Ana who was strong and bold with her thick jet black hair. She took over the conversation and shared how they met and fell in love. What a treasure for them to have found each other just one year ago.

A handsome young man with dreads introduced himself to me, Billy. He was from South Africa. (He reminded me of my handsome dred warrior nephew Mattie). He had made the lunch and was quite pleased, rightly so. Just then a large Jamaican walked by and kidded with Billy that this is one meal she will gladly give up (not a big quinoa fan). We all giggled as she sashayed out the door.There were 15 nationalities sitting with us for lunch – a touch of heaven!

Finally on my right was a tender loving Irish man. His thick curly grey hair softly framed his gentle face. He looked at me with the eyes filled with love and years of wonder. He had no Irish accent but a true Irishman by all accounts. He was my Marty! My husband! My love!

In a time where the world is filled with so much war & violence, pain & sorrow, loneliness & loss I am overwhelmed with gratitude of this undeserved blessing of sitting in the midst of God’s royal family and breaking bread together.

…and I think to myself, what a wonderful world!

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